Mini Digger Rhinoceros XN08 - Standard Boom

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Mini Digger Rhinoceros XN08 - Standard Boom

Rhinoceros Diesel powered 0.8 Ton Excavator Excavator

Comes with three buckets and a removable roof and is CE marked with full compliance certification.

We have availability to a full range of Parts and accessories and it has a one year manufacturer's warranty.

This Rhinoceros Mini Digger / Excavator comes with three buckets a removable roof.

Also it can use with a wide range of attachments that are also available from our website. It has CE certification, and a one year warranty and all service parts are available. Tracks power the digger over rough ground and within small spaces making it ideal for small works and projects.

These machines because of their size are at home in places like

  • driveways
  • garden landscaping
  • trenching
  • digging & foundation works

The XN08 has a diesel engine, with simple controls is easy to operate and maintain. We have a full range of spare parts and accessories, and besides quick delivery times we offer low prices.  

Also you can check out more details on the XN08 Mini Digger by going to

These machines are sold and used in Germany, Austria and Australia, they are robust and able to deal with challenging conditions. The XN08 is remarkable not just because of its compact size but also its digging performance. Also with easy maintenance, it is a great machine for any project.

You can collect your machine directly from us all you need is a small trailer or we can deliver at £1.50 per mile from Chester.

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