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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
ATV Flail Mower 120 CM WidthATV Flail Mower 120 CM Width
Sale price£1,999.00 GBP
ATV Flail Mower 120 CM Width
ATV Flail Mower 145 CM widthATV Flail Mower 145 CM width
Sale price£2,175.00 GBP
ATV Flail Mower 145 CM width
Flail Mower VF105 PTO DriveFlail Mower VF105 PTO Drive
Sale price£990.00 GBP
Flail Mower VF105 PTO Drive
Flail Mower VF145 PTO DriveFlail Mower VF145 PTO Drive
Sale price£1,050.00 GBP
Flail Mower VF145 PTO Drive
Self Propelled Flail MowerSelf Propelled Flail Mower
Sale price£1,950.00 GBP
Self Propelled Flail Mower
Grass roller 4 foot / 1200mm, total water filled weight 172kg.  • 52 inch overall width with a 48 inch working width. • Drum 4mm thick, 355mm dia.. • Easy fill fitting for adding water to drum • Total fill weight 380lbs/172kg. • G nips M6x1. • Greasable bearing blocks. • 50mm hitch can be fitted extra.
Sale price£499.00 GBP
Grass Roller 4 Foot / 1200mm
Finishing Mower 4 foot with cutting and mulching blades.  Complete with  PTO shaft, 3 belt driven spindles Cutting & mulching blade 4 castor wheels Adjustable cutting height 35 to 110mm Cat 1 pins 22 + 19mm Recommended for tractors between 25 & 50HP Gearbox supplied without oil Assembly time: 30 mins
Sale price£1,275.00 GBP
Finishing Mower 4 Foot
Grass Topper 4 foot, PTO drive with galvanised frame and skids.  Blade = 2026 x 2 Galvanised A Frame and skids Powder coated topper deck Comes with A4 PTO/ Shearbolt Rear safety skirt Can be L or R offset 240mm from centre fit 50HP gearbox Double pallet charge Not Suitable for use with quick release arms
Sale price£1,995.00 GBP
Grass Topper 4 foot

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