has offices in the UK and Asia, which gives us the ability to source and distribute from both locations by sea or air to many locations throughout the world. Freight at the moment is unfortunately expensive so it is economically better to select a group of items you would like shipped together as a bundle, this will reduce the cost per item.

A good example of this is our recent delivery to Cottam, Ontario, Canada; our customer ordered six items weighing a total of 130kg. We sent the parts door to door by air from Qingdao airport China, direct to Canada. Our freight forwarders in both countries managed the whole process, so the customer could safely receive their order.

Also, all individual items can be ordered directly from the website, but each item will have its own regional shipping charge applied so for multi parts orders please contact us to discuss the most economical way of getting the parts to you.
If you would like to discuss this service further, please send us your details through our Contact Us page or email