Mini Digger Rhinoceros XN18 Kubota / Yanmar

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Mini Digger Rhinoceros XN18

The Rhinoceros XN18 excavator comes with a canopy and weighs 2 Tons, it has a Japanese Yanmar or Kubota engine and as standard, has retractable tracks (variable width tracks).

The boom is offset with joysticks that are comfort controlled for anti-fatigue and precision control. The swing motor and three hydraulic pumps use a high quality brand with an auxiliary output for use with many attachments. The hydraulic pump is a piston pump, which is a perfect match for the valve output. The dozer blade also has a variable width option so that it can be changed to match the track width setting.

Key advantages

  • Japanese sourced engine.
  • Fully imported hydraulic system
  • Telescopic lower frame, with easy cab access
  • Tracks are extendable between a range of 990mm to 1240mm
  • Swing boom for working in a narrow area and alongside a wall
  • Variable dozer
 Attachments Available Technical Specifications
Log Grab Retractable Tracks
Auger Offset Swing Boom
Ripper Kubota D902 Engine
500 mm Tilt Bucket Nachi hydraulics
600 mm Tilt Bucket Anti Fatigue Joysticks
800 mm Levelling Bucket Three Hydraulic Pumps
Breaker Auxiliary Hydraulic Output


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