Mini Digger Rhinoceros XN10-8 (Swing Boom & Extension Tracks)

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Mini Digger Rhinoceros XN10-8 Mini with Swing Boom / Extension tracks and Koop Euro 5 Diesel engine.

The Rhinoceros XN10-8 mini digger comes with three buckets a removable roof, it is CE approved, and covered by a one year parts warranty.

Hydraulic tracks drive the digger over rough ground and in confined spaces therefore it is ideal for small works and projects. Because of its size these machines are at home in places like driveways garden landscaping, municipal works, trenching, digging and foundation works.

Rhinoceros XN10-8 Mini Digger Extendable Chassis

XN10-8 mini diggers have a KOOP Euro 5 single cylinder diesel engine, and are designed with simple controls that make it easy to maintain and operate.
We have a full range of spare parts and accessories, and besides quick delivery times we offer low prices.

Also you can check out more details on the XN10-8 Mini Digger by going to

These machines are sold and used in Germany, Austria and Australia, because they are robust and able to deal with challenging conditions.

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